When I first met with Chauncy I was impressed by his genuine interest in my health and my surrounding needs. After spending over three months with Chauncy, I can personally attest to his dedication and loyalty to my overall physical fitness. Aside from his honest interest in my fitness needs, professionally speaking Chauncy was very determined to motivate and challenge me to exceed my personal physical goals.

My request for Chauncy's services stemmed from my upcoming wedding day and when that day arrived, I ended up portraying exactly the figure I was striving for in the beginning. Needless to say, I would encourage anyone who is looking to improve their overall well being to consider Chauncy to help them over exceed what they think is physically impossible. He embodies energy, kindness and strict professionalism.

Dr. Sandra Picot

To Whom It May Concern:
I wanted to share a life changing experience, orchestrated by Chauncey Whitehead. I first met Chauncey, certified fitness instructor in fall 2005. He instructed my core exercise fitness class. I thought he would be another temporary fitness instructor, here in the fall and gone in the spring. Surprisingly, Chauncey exceeded my expectations.

In the spring, I enrolled in his Boot Camp. He motivated me to push through those explosive pylometric exercises and drills to higher levels of fitness. I significantly exceeded the ages of my classmates; however, he encouraged and ensured the safety of my participation. Chauncey passionately believes that individuals and communities should own their health and well-being. He started CDW Health and Wellness Lifestyles, LLC, located in the Urban Institute of Medicine and heart of the African American community.

He directed my achievement of greater aerobic exercise capacity, joint flexibility and core muscle strength. Chauncey teaches exercise movements that prepare muscles for their functional movements. During the winter, we engaged in movements similar to shoveling snow and chopping wood. Certainly, he prevented back injuries and heart attacks.

Empathically, I recommend Chauncey as a fitness instructor. He serves as a valuable asset to individuals and communities.

Dr. Sandra Picot


I began working out with Chauncey in September 2006.  I was 25 pounds overweight and while that is difficult for anyone to face, it is so much more difficult for a former athlete.  I'd had a personal trainer before, but after a couple of workouts with Chauncey it became evident that there are two kinds of trainers....the gym trainer and the fitness coach.  I consider Chauncey to be the ultimate fitness coach.  Firstly, because he is much less concerned with how much I can lift or how long I can do the stair master; and far more concerned that I can run up a few flights of real stairs, and demonstrate functional balance, agility and strength.  Secondly, because he is a master at reading his clients and tailoring a workout plan based on personal goals, personality and body type.

I already knew how to use cardio and weight equipment, so Chauncey took me to the next level with the challenges of boxing, jumping rope and running!  I was never able to run before, and after being diagnosed with exercise induced asthma, I didn't think I ever would.  With Chauncey's patience and expertise I learned how to run and I completed my first 5K race in April 2007!

Now, I'm 10 pounds lighter and the inches have fallen away.  I feel so much more confident in my physical abilities and I feel an overall sense of generally health that is priceless.  I'm so grateful for Chauncey and I look forward to shedding the next 10-15 pounds with his guidance.

Thanks Chauncey and Robin. You are angels.


Anisa Harrington-Crawford

Chauncey Whitehead is a breath of fresh air to the fitness industry. As someone who has worked out for years Chauncey was just what I needed to take my workouts from good to great. He provided me with that efficiency edge that took my training program to the next level. He is able to motivate, inspire, encourage and gently challenge you in the direction of your fitness goals.

If you are new to working out or have been working out for years, I highly recommend Chauncey Whitehead as a fitness trainer that will provide you with that extra little something that your workout’s been missing!

Anisa Harrington-Crawford, Satisfied Client