I began working out with Chauncey in September 2006.  I was 25 pounds overweight and while that is difficult for anyone to face, it is so much more difficult for a former athlete.  I'd had a personal trainer before, but after a couple of workouts with Chauncey it became evident that there are two kinds of trainers....the gym trainer and the fitness coach.  I consider Chauncey to be the ultimate fitness coach.  Firstly, because he is much less concerned with how much I can lift or how long I can do the stair master; and far more concerned that I can run up a few flights of real stairs, and demonstrate functional balance, agility and strength.  Secondly, because he is a master at reading his clients and tailoring a workout plan based on personal goals, personality and body type.

I already knew how to use cardio and weight equipment, so Chauncey took me to the next level with the challenges of boxing, jumping rope and running!  I was never able to run before, and after being diagnosed with exercise induced asthma, I didn't think I ever would.  With Chauncey's patience and expertise I learned how to run and I completed my first 5K race in April 2007!

Now, I'm 10 pounds lighter and the inches have fallen away.  I feel so much more confident in my physical abilities and I feel an overall sense of generally health that is priceless.  I'm so grateful for Chauncey and I look forward to shedding the next 10-15 pounds with his guidance.

Thanks Chauncey and Robin. You are angels.


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